For the benefit of the investors SEBI has directed Depositories to send Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from February 2015 for the investments of an investor in Mutual Funds (MF) and securities held in demat form with the Depositories. CAS will enrich your experience of managing your portfolio effectively and benefit you in many other ways viz.better decision making, simplified monitoring, rich analysis of portfolio etc. However, If you do not wish to receive the CAS (not recommended), you may write to your DP.

Indo Jatalia Commodities Limited is a sister concern of Indo Money Securities Pvt. Ltd. It presents commodity trading facility and other products available on MCX and NCDEX.

Commodities Future Trading in Exchanges has opened up spectacular growth opportunities internationally. The main advantage of future trading of commodities will be not only for large cross section of market participants like: producers, processors, traders, corporates, trading centers, importers, exporters, co-operatives, industry associations but for investors community too.

Our services include Broking Services & Hedging Advisory. Our dedicated team maintains high level of services by exhaustive research and analysis to meet the requirements of wide range of clientele.