For the benefit of the investors SEBI has directed Depositories to send Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from February 2015 for the investments of an investor in Mutual Funds (MF) and securities held in demat form with the Depositories. CAS will enrich your experience of managing your portfolio effectively and benefit you in many other ways viz.better decision making, simplified monitoring, rich analysis of portfolio etc. However, If you do not wish to receive the CAS (not recommended), you may write to your DP.


RN FINANCE LTD (RNFL), registered as a non banking financial company (NBFC) offers loan against securities of shares (LAS).

Our offerings

Available to all major Indian citizens
Additional buying power to create wealth and grab market opportunity
Loans against shares are extended against basket of securities traded on BSE/ NSE
Vast approved list.
Client can enjoy all the corporate benefits like dividend, bonus etc. accrued on his securities.
Margin calls are made if the value of margin falls by 10% which can be met either by redemption of the securities or placing additional securities
Tailor-made scheme to cater to the needs of all segments of investors
Free trade environment
Interest application on daily balances to minimize the cost of fund
Easy processing and simple documentation
Securities are to be transferred to IJHL DEMAT A/C
Loan against Securities from the company can go up to 65% of securities amount depending on the type of securities.


Applicant should have POA – demat and trading account with RN FINANCE LTD
Client should complete the Loan application along with necessary documents

Loan settlement and release of shares:

Loan can be settled by payment to RN FINANCE LTD (RNFL).
Shares shall be released on clearance of the payment
In case of closure, client has to clear all the dues
Shares may be released if matching securities are furnished. Surplus value of shares may be released in part/full (as per borrower’s request). Alternatively surplus value of share may be used for additional funding